To enlighten the third eye of a man i.e. education, and to provide up-to-date academic facilities in the town like Barbigha surrounded by a dense number of villages, Divine Light Public School is established with a devotion to its principles. The need of a well-furnished School in Barbigha had long been felt and it was decided to establish a school for the people seeking an institution for their children which could stand by its objectives not only in words but in work as well.
For the purpose 'तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय’ was adopted as its soul and we are preparing our students to become a man of value to compete with the ever-changing modern education system and useful for the family, society, and the nation.

The institution is managed by a School Managing Committee consisting of able, efficient, and veteran educationalists. Some of its members have long been/are still associated with the academic world.