The School library is enriched with a number of books and magazines. It consists of novels, comics, story books, autobiographies, literary books and help books related to various subjects. Many more books are added annually to the library according to the requirement. Library also provides a good reading facility to students.

Smart Class

The modern way of teaching through smart classes has been introduced to make the study easy and interesting to the students.


We possess a well equipped Science Lab and Math Lab having all the essential tools, equipments, instruments, microscopes, slides, chemicals etc. to ful l the syllabus of up to Secondary Levels. We also promote our students to prepare models and projects of di erent physical, chemical and biological mechanisms and anatomy of living beings and produce them.


The School also provides compulsory computer education
Std. II to Std. VIII. The education is imparted both theoretically
and practically under the guidance of skilled and trained

Extra Curricular Activities

Non-formal education is also an important part of curriculum for students to express themselves adequately and get rid of their natural diffidence to inculcate literacy habits, stage manners, sense of achievement, leadership qualities, artistic talent etc The undermentioned are regular features of our co curricular activities:

  • Debates
  • Quiz
  • Caricature/mimicry
  • Antyakshari Contest
  • Drawing & Painting Competition
  • Drama
  • Dance
  • Hand Writing Competition Singing etc.
  • News Broadcasts


The school provides conveyance facilities to the students coming from remote places. We ensure to fulfil the maximum safety rules for the safety and convenience of our kids in our school vans.


The school has a separate playground for different outdoor games and physical training There is a PTI to conduct their outdoor games and other activities.


The school has equipments and arrangements for the safety from fire. Equipments are being checked by related officers regularly. School is committed to provide safe drinking water to students and staff. Healthy sanitary condition is also provided in the campus.